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Who we are, and What we do

Our website exists for the soul purpose to allow anyone, male or female, of any race or ethnicity, of any religious background, to become ordained as a minister, legally. Not only is this service legal, instant and free, but lasts for a lifetime as well, allowing you to officiate weddings for friend, family and the community in general. Use our ordination form to become a minister.

Why choose The Universal Life Church? We offer:

  • green Online ordination is FREE
  • green Get Ordained in minutes
  • green Lifetime guarantee
  • green wedding training & resources

No matter what your religion or faith, we believe that people from all faiths and religions should get ordained online here. Though you may not have any prior experience, the only thing you need to be concerned about is completing and submitting the ordination form. After it is reviewed and processed, you will be ordained to perform weddings. We recommend that you read our page on how to get ordained online to perform weddings.

Once you have filled out the online ordination, you may also visit our products page to see all the different items we carry, which include wedding packages, ordination packages, wallet cards, badges, clothing, helpful wedding guides, and many many more. Our goal is to help you in creating an everlasting memory for any lucky couple.



Lifetime Guaranteed Credentials

Retain your minister license permanently, without any expiration.

Perform Legal Ceremonies

You will be able to perform wedding ceremonies, marriages, and baptisms as a professional wedding minister.

Start Your Own Ministry

Start your very own wedding ministry business.

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Marriage Equality

Religious Support for Same Sex Marriage

Studies show increased religious support for same sex marriage among a variety of religious groups in the recent decade. Some 42 percent of Muslims support freedom to marry, but only 28 percent of Mormons and evangelical Christians favor same-sex marriage rights. About 84 percent of Buddhists, 77 percent of American Jews, and more than 68 […]

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Church and State

Religious Freedom Restored to Indiana

Among states considering “religious protection” laws, Indiana stepped up into the line of fire, and drew heavy fire. Utah seems to have worked around many of the challenges faced by Indiana, Arkansas, and others by also passing explicit protection for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals alongside the “religious protection” law that the Church […]

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Same-Sex Marriage

Puerto Rico and the U.N. to Recognize Same-Sex Marriages

After U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon announced in July that the organization intended to recognize same-sex marriage, Russia indicated that it would oppose the change. Russia led a coalition of United Nations member countries who opposed a change in policy by the organization to recognize and extend staff benefits to same-sex marriages. The government of […]

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