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Who we are, and What we do

Our website exists for the soul purpose to allow anyone, male or female, of any race or ethnicity, of any religious background, to become ordained as a minister, legally. Not only is this service legal, instant and free, but lasts for a lifetime as well, allowing you to officiate weddings for friend, family and the community in general. Use our ordination form to become a minister.

Why choose The Universal Life Church? We offer:

  • green Online ordination is FREE
  • green Get Ordained in minutes
  • green Lifetime guarantee
  • green wedding training & resources

No matter what your religion or faith, we believe that people from all faiths and religions should get ordained online here. Though you may not have any prior experience, the only thing you need to be concerned about is completing and submitting the ordination form. After it is reviewed and processed, you will be ordained to perform weddings. We recommend that you read our page on how to get ordained online to perform weddings.

Once you have filled out the online ordination, you may also visit our products page to see all the different items we carry, which include wedding packages, ordination packages, wallet cards, badges, clothing, helpful wedding guides, and many many more. Our goal is to help you in creating an everlasting memory for any lucky couple.



Lifetime Guaranteed Credentials

Retain your minister license permanently, without any expiration.

Perform Legal Ceremonies

You will be able to perform wedding ceremonies, marriages, and baptisms as a professional wedding minister.

Start Your Own Ministry

Start your very own wedding ministry business.

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Same-Sex Union

Big Florida Gay Wedding Party

A celebrity chef native to Florida throws a big Florida gay wedding party when the decision to lift the gay marriage ban in the state is announced. Chef Art Smith gathered together a few famous chef friends, a drag queen DJ, and an ocean of orchids in Miami Beach for the wedding celebration of a […]

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Same-Sex Marriage

Marrying Into a Family Defined by Love

Duke Nelson and his husband Steve Nelson leaped into foster parenting immediately after they decided it was for them. Duke recalls that, “We received our foster care license Friday at noon, and at 3 p.m., they told us we had been selected for an emergency placement. The kids were at our house at 5 p.m.!” […]

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Coming Out Isn’t the End of the World

Two different stories each reflect the deep courage that comes with being true to one’s own identity, regardless of social pressures to blend in and not alienate potential friends and allies by coming out. From a college swimmer who came out to his team to a country singer in Nashville who defended attacks from a […]

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