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Universal Life ChurchThe Universal Life Church is a non-denominational non-profit organization that is devoted to spreading religious freedom and tolerance throughout the world under its moniker “We are all children of the same universe”. Our primary service is to make it possible for anyone who is called into the ministry to get ordained for free to become a pastor or wedding officiant. People get ordained from all faiths and backgrounds in order to perform a wedding, conduct a funeral, baptize, and preside over religious services.

Begin Your Free Ordination

The Universal Life Church has strong convictions that all people are free to practice their beliefs, regardless of what those beliefs are, so long as they do not infringe on the rights of others and are within the law. Persons who are non-religious and anti-religious alike can be ordained for free through the Universal Life Church. We are looking to change negative perception of religion while encouraging people to fearlessly state their religious beliefs, even if that means that one does not have any beliefs. This church seeks to fulfill the spiritual needs of as many different groups as possible by offering a wide variety of services and information.

Internet Ministry

As an internet ministry, the Universal Life Church publishes sermons and articles to inspire and teach you how to grow your own online church from the ground up. While you are welcome to be ordained to perform a wedding or commit to monastic learning, on this site we focus how you can utilize the tools available on the internet to run an online church or augment the services provided by your physical church. In the ongoing series, Your Internet Ministry, the Universal Life Church will instruct you how you can use social media services such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter to communicate with your congregation, disseminate sermons, raise awareness of important issues, and coordinate events. We examine how the your online church members can enjoy fellowship with one another, share prayer requests, study religious texts (i.e. Bible study), and practice tithing.

For you to perform a wedding or grow and operate your online church, the Universal Life Church offers a variety of supplies including legal documents, apparel, and books ranging from religious texts to guides on being a wedding officiant or filing your taxes.

The Universal Life Church is incorporated as a non-profit organization and enjoys legal recognition all across the United States. Regular charitable donations are made to a wide variety of organizations that reflect the diversity of Universal Life Church ministers. The church has strong convictions that compel us to give to our communities, promote respect and understanding, and allow anyone to be ordained to become a pastor or wedding officiant who was called to the ministry.

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