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Winter Wonderland: A Guide to Your Winter Wedding

The moment you and your partner decide to get engaged, your life transforms in peculiar ways. Suddenly, there is a countdown hanging above you until the day you finally tie the knot. While some of this time period will be magical and exciting, a great deal of it has the potential to add stress to […]

Exploring a Charitable Wedding

Tying the knot with your partner can be a wonderful way to showcase your love to the world. Unfortunately, the events surrounding the union can also wind up costing you a bit of money. For many couples, a wedding can seem both unnecessarily decadent and ridiculously extravagant. In the current day and age, such opulent […]

Tree planting

Plant a Tree at your Wedding Many couples are on the lookout for creative and unique ideas that will elevate their wedding festivities from the everyday to the extraordinary. Rather than sticking with the traditional format of a wedding ceremony, some brides and grooms prefer to incorporate alternative traditions that can have a lot of […]

Wedding ideas

Spring Wedding Ideas Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Lucky for you, spring-time is the perfect season for planning a wedding. With a great abundance of flowers and fresh, warm weather, you can come up with a beautiful event that is sure to be memorable. If you are looking for some creative and whimsical wedding ideas […]