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After You’re Engaged

The new year has arrived, and now is an excellent time for you to begin thinking about all of the plans you have been putting off during the final days of the previous year. It is also a great chance for you to begin looking toward the future and all that awaits you. This might […]

Upon the Roof of the Wythe Hotel

The United States has seen its fair share of changes regarding states switching their stances on gay marriage these past few weeks. Today, there are around 30+ states that allow gay marriage, and more are soon to follow. Now gays are looking to get married, and with their options open, it comes down to places […]

Marriage Ceremony Words

Marriage Ceremony Words Say a Lot When a couple of lovebirds decide to join their lives in holy matrimony, they will usually do so in a special wedding ritual that includes exchanging vows. Choosing the perfect marriage ceremony words to express commitment to each other is a huge deal. Couples are all different, so their […]