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If you do your homework, officiating weddings can be some of the most rewarding experiences of your life

Many people are interested in performing weddings. It is quite easy to get ordained online to do this. You will be required to submit basic personal information and identification documentation. With the ULC, there are also preliminary courses of study available that serve as an introduction to performing a wedding professionally and with cultural and religious sensitivity. Wedding laws do differ from state-to-state, so it is also important to contact the local county clerk that will issue the marriage license for the couple, in order to clarify the wedding laws that govern wedding ceremonies in the local area.

The state laws do slightly differ on the required documentation that you will need to submit to the county clerk’s office. Usually, you will need to provide appropriate state-issued photo identification or a passport to certify your identity. You will also usually be required to submit a letter of good standing from the organization that ordained you. The engaged couple will also need to submit appropriate identification to the local county clerk and pay a marriage license fee. After the marriage, you will be required to file a signed copy of the marriage license with the county clerk’s office within 30-45 days of the wedding ceremony. The time period will vary depending on the local laws that govern wedding ceremonies.

In addition to the legal aspects of getting ordained to perform wedding ceremonies, there are also cultural and religious preferences to take into account. Many couples choose to have a friend or family member ordained to perform their wedding ceremony, because they prefer either a non-religious or a non-traditional wedding ceremony. After the preliminary legalities are taken care of, it is important to meet with the couple you are marrying to find out the type of ceremony they would like to have you perform. Many couples will want to write their own marriage vows in order to better reflect their own core values and their commitment to each other. Additionally, the couple may request a specific location to seal their vows. The location they choose will often coincide with where they met, where they have the fondest memories or a location of particular beauty and inspiration.

There is great joy in officiating a wedding for a couple who truly loves each other and wants to begin the process of building a life together as a married couple. If you are considering officiating a wedding ceremony for a couple you know, it is quite easy and quick to get ordained online. After you are ordained, it is very important to check with the county clerk to find out the legal requirements for performing a wedding in the local area. It is also important to meet a number of times with the couple you are marrying in order to clarify the type of ceremony they would like to have you perform.

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