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Signs You Are Ready to Start a Family

A couple that has started a family

Just one year after the same-sex marriage ruling, the Supreme Court has ruled that gay couples have the right to adopt in all 50 states. This is great news for couples who wanted so badly to have children but were limited by their state laws. Of course, there are other ways to start a family but same-sex couples face challenges that many heterosexual couples do not have to think about. Since it is biologically impossible for a same-sex couple to have a child without outside help, adoption is the easier option for many. Other options might include:

  • In-vitro fertilization
  • A surrogate
  • A sperm donor

The adoption ruling may help make your dream of having children finally come true. It’s a big step, and something you and your partner should both be ready for. While children are amazing blessings, there are many challenges that come with being a parent. These challenges can affect you financially, physically, emotionally, and mentally. As with any big decision, it is not something you should rush into. Here are some signs that you may be ready to start a family.

You Love Kids

Perhaps you spent most of your teenage years babysitting or are always playing with the kids at the family get-togethers. These are clear signs that you love children. You may have noticed that there are some people children seem to flock to; perhaps you are one of these people. Of course, it’s important to remember that not all parents necessarily loved all children before they became parents, so don’t think that this disqualifies you from being ready. Still, if you are easily annoyed or overwhelmed by small kids, you may want to wait a while or perhaps look into adopting an older child.

You Realize the Sacrifice

Think about all of the free time you have right now. Then imagine the vast majority of it being taken up by kids. Are you ready for this? Things like date nights and last minute vacations will not be as simple and sometimes will be outright impossible. You might have to cancel your date because your babysitter got sick at the last minute.

What about work? You can put your child into daycare or have someone come to your house to watch him or her, but you may have to take the day off if your child gets sick. Does your work offer flexibility for these kinds of last minute emergencies, and is it something you are OK with doing? Becoming a parent means your children have to come first.

You Take Good Care of Yourself

Do you take the time to make sure you are properly taken care of? Do you prioritize your health over your other responsibilities? If you cannot take care of yourself properly, how can you expect to properly care of a child? If you are able to take care of yourself, then it will probably be easier for you to adjust to taking care of someone else as well.

You Realize You Are Never Fully Ready

This might sound funny, but it’s important to realize there’s almost never an absolutely perfect time to have a baby or start a family. If you are constantly waiting until then, you may find that you never have the opportunity to adopt a child. Yes, you should be financially stable enough to be able to care for a child, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to get creative to find ways to save money. Don’t expect your life to be perfect before looking into adopting a child.

Adopting a child is a big change in your life. It is something that will bless both you and the child the two of you adopt. While you shouldn’t rush into anything, these are some ways to tell whether it may be the right time for you and your spouse to start a family.

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