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Having the Before Marriage Conversations

Couple eatingSince winning the right to marry, many same-sex couples have been figuring out the proper way to tie the knot. There are many before marriage conversations that you need to have before you know whether you and your partner should be taking your relationship to the next level. To guarantee a certain degree of happiness with your arrangement, you have to reduce the number of surprises that you will have over conflicts of interest in matters that are important to you.

Dating can help you get to know someone in many ways, but not all ways. Couples often make the mistake of rushing into marriage before really understanding who their partners are. This can lead to divorce, and a general distrust of marriage. To avoid this, you want to have conversations about specific topics with your partner. Be open in the way you speak, and it will be much easier to have a fun discourse about the future that leads to a positive understanding of where the other is coming from.

Future Generations

First and foremost, you want to talk about children. Same-sex couples do not have it easy when it comes to bringing children into the world. You have to actually want children to go through the process of expanding your family. Since this can be an undertaking, you do not want to wind up with a partner who has an opposing opinion on the matter. If you really want children, and your partner is adamantly opposed to the idea, then you might want to reconsider the relationship.

Studies have shown that most people do not change their minds about whether to have children. By the time you are in your early 30s, you are pretty set in your decision to have children or not, and very few things are going to sway you. It is better to have this conversation in the earlier years of a relationship so you don’t invest too much time with someone who has opposite goals.

Conflict Resolution

It can seem idyllic to be in a relationship with someone and never have a fight. Unfortunately, it is also an impossibility. Even if you are not a volatile person, you are going to butt heads with your partner. While fights happen, they do not have to be meltdowns. In fact, the wisest of couples use disagreements and scuffles as a chance to grow stronger as a unit. In the moment, you both might be shouting, but a second of clarity is all it takes to bring you both down to earth to discuss the situation.

How you handle your conflicts and your resolutions is important. If you and your partner haven’t had a fight yet, then now is a good time to discuss what you should do in the event of an argument. Perhaps you both have a different approach to conflict. This can create some awkward tension and misunderstandings, and it is better to address your techniques early so that you can prepare for the inevitable.

Growing Together

A relationship is about growing alongside another person. If you are going to be able to trust in your partner, then you have to have a few key conversations. The more that you discuss in advance, the easier it will be for you to know if you are with the person you should marry. Many couples waste years together in semi-unhappiness without ever thinking about these conversations.

While you are not going to want to go on a first date and bring up children and marriage, you definitely want to have these talks with your partner as things grow more serious. Learn everything you can about your significant other as early as possible, and you will have a clear understanding over whether marriage is on your horizon.

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