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Same-Sex Wedding Trends to Consider

couple holding handsWeddings are nothing new. People have been getting married for most of recorded history. Still, same-sex unions were not legalized in the United States until far more recently. Even though the decision to legalize same-sex unions happened only a short while ago, couples have been flocking to their respective altars in droves since the announcement. If you and your partner have been considering getting engaged, you might be curious about same-sex wedding trends and how other couples have gone about the process. Looking at the successes of others can help to inspire you for your own ceremony.

While love is love no matter who is sharing it, there are distinct differences between a gay and a straight wedding. It is important to remember that homosexual relationships have developed in completely different ways than heterosexual relationships mainly due to the negative opinions of society for so many years. This suggests that some of the traditions associated with a wedding might have absolutely no meaning to you. Taking a look at these same-sex wedding trends can help you to see what people in your community are doing for their special days.

Special Readings

During a wedding ceremony, one of the most important elements to pay attention to is reading. The different texts used throughout the ceremony should have significance to you and your partner. You could opt to use poems that you both love or try something a bit more traditional from a religious book. Digging into the history of your relationship with your significant other can be helpful here; you might want to mine your sentimental memories for words and phrases that have played a big part in the development of your love.

The biggest trend with readings at same-sex weddings is also one of the more obvious. Since the legalization of same-sex unions, couples have made the choice to include the text from the court decision on the matter in their ceremonies. While you might not want to have a reading of yours be a bunch of legal jargon, there are some sweet and touching parts of this text that might be perfect for your special day. Read over the document for yourself and see if there are any parts that jump out at you as to why you should use it.

Ring a Ding Ding

Things can also get somewhat complicated when it comes to the jewelry side of things. In a heterosexual relationship, it is traditional for the woman to receive the engagement ring from the man. Of course, this is not really applicable in homosexual relationships. One popular trend amongst straight couples in recent years has been the inclusion of the man when presenting engagement rings. Using two rings has helped straight couples to feel more unified during the period of their engagement, and it can be a great consideration for gay couples.

Same-sex couples have been taking all sorts of fantastic liberties with their engagement and wedding rings. You might want to make the decision for you and your partner to both wear engagement rings, or you could easily decide that neither one of you wants rings. This is all going to come down to personal preference and how you both feel about wearing rings in the first place. If you don’t want rings, find a symbol that might have more significance to your relationship and go with it.

Lots to Discover

As more and more gay couples are tying the knot, trends surrounding same-sex weddings will continue to grow and change. If you don’t want to follow anyone else’s ideas, then you are free to craft a wedding that you and your partner find to be ideal. Who knows, you might even be able to inspire future same-sex couples with the decisions that you make for your own special day.

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