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Exploring a Charitable Wedding

Heart made with handsTying the knot with your partner can be a wonderful way to showcase your love to the world. Unfortunately, the events surrounding the union can also wind up costing you a bit of money. For many couples, a wedding can seem both unnecessarily decadent and ridiculously extravagant. In the current day and age, such opulent rituals are going out of style. This means that you and your significant other might be considering more practical ways to celebrate your union. Instead of going down the traditional path, you may want to consider having a charitable wedding.

If you and your partner are the types of people who like to give back, then this is the perfect idea for you. With a charitable wedding, your main goal is to help raise funds for a group or organization that you firmly believe in. This can help you to feel better about your special day and more connected to your moral convictions. If this intrigues you, then consider how you can get started by following these tips.

The Gift of Giving

A lot of what you can accomplish with a charitable wedding comes down to which charities are the most interesting to you. If, for example, you are trying to raise money for a local homeless shelter, then you can take the act of giving to a new level. In many cases, shelters rely on donations to stay afloat. This means that you can give a lot to the establishment without having to do very much at all. One surefire way of starting off with this idea is by taking your registry into account.

Instead of signing up for a registry at a store or online, consider optimizing the registry for the needs of the local homeless shelter. Touch base with a representative and inquire about what items will be the most useful to receive. This can help you to craft a registry completely around the needs of the shelter and donate some worthwhile items after your wedding is complete. A homeless shelter is just one example, as you will be able to cater your registry to whatever specific charity you opt to support.

Additional Donations

All weddings tend to create waste. Perhaps you did not take specific factors into account when planning with your caterers and it leaves you with a ton of excess food. Instead of allowing it to be thrown away, you can work with your vendors and have it donated to a location that could use it. The catering is just one aspect you can focus on when thinking about donating your wedding supplies. You also might find that the floral arrangements can serve an additional purpose when the celebration has come to a close.

Hospitals are filled with patients who do not have visitors. Donating your floral arrangements to a hospital is a lovely way to brighten someone’s day. The flowers that the patients receive can help them to feel renewed during a time when they might not have a lot of faith in the world. This small gesture might not seem like a lot, but it can help in ways that you might never fully understand.

Give and Receive

Not everyone views a wedding as a chance to rake in a lot of unnecessary and extravagant gifts. Your wedding is a chance for you and your partner to celebrate your love. If you feel as if your union is one that you want to transform into an act of charity, then there are some lovely ways to begin your journey. Think about creating a registry for a specific charity or donating your used wedding wares to an appropriate group. Finding the right organization can provide you with a sense of accomplishment and joy that carries into your married life.

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