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Winter Wonderland: A Guide to Your Winter Wedding

picnic table in snowThe moment you and your partner decide to get engaged, your life transforms in peculiar ways. Suddenly, there is a countdown hanging above you until the day you finally tie the knot. While some of this time period will be magical and exciting, a great deal of it has the potential to add stress to your life. Feeling less anxious is all about being prepared. If you stay on top of the planning phase of your wedding, you will have a much easier time maintaining your excitement and conquering your fears.

One big item to check off your list is setting a date. Couples marry at all different times of the year. While a vast majority of people lean toward the spring, summer, and autumn, there are plenty of those out there who picture winter scenes for their special days. Whatever the reason you might have for wanting a winter wedding, it can be useful to think through your plan. Explore these tips and you can feel more confident about your decision to throw your celebration during the chillier months.

Pick of the Litter…With Exceptions

Getting married in the winter is a double-edged sword. On one side, your ceremony will occur at a time of year when far less people decide to tie the knot. This means you will not need to compete with as many people for dates at venues or with vendors. Still, the downside of this is you might not be able to throw your wedding the way that you had hoped. Plenty of wedding venues close for the winter, as it is the slowest season for many of them. Finding happy compromises will get you through this period.

If you had your heart set on a very specific caterer only to discover this particular restaurant does not provide services in the winter, then you need to think on the fly. What restaurant has a menu that is most similar to this particular caterer? Does this restaurant cater? When you consider these questions, you may be able to find a suitable option. Remember, the upside to all of this is you likely are not going to need to fight with other couples for the venues and services that are available to you.

More Room for Color

Thinking about a wedding in the winter might conjure up images that are white and pristine, but this does not have to be the case for your wedding. Spring is filled with colorful blossoms, and these can sometimes steal focus from a ceremony. The beauty of getting married in the winter is that the landscape is already somewhat barren, so you can be the one who adds the color into the picture. Create bold and stunning tableaus with your wedding party by accentuating their outfits with the right pieces of color.

Small accents will go a long way in the winter to splash a scene with color. Keep white tablecloths present during the reception but use centerpieces that make use of one strong color palette. This can help to keep the winter vibe while also creating a space that feels colorful and inviting. There are no rules with how to go about this process, so be as creative as you would like.

Anytime Is the Right Time

When you and your partner have made the decision to marry, there are going to be plenty of times when you feel stressed. Planning ahead will do wonders to calm your nerves. After setting your heart on a winter wedding, think through all of the different challenges that you will meet. Having a course of action for how to deal with each will help you to throw a winter wedding that calms your spirits and fills the event with the feeling of love.

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