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When To Begin Planning a Honeymoon

couple on the beachA wedding can often be a lot of work to plan. While you are losing your mind going over guest lists and calling an endless number of vendors to confirm dates, you are also probably forgetting all about planning a honeymoon. With so much to focus on while planning out your actual wedding, details about your honeymoon can easily fall to the wayside. Luckily, there are some simple and surefire ways to get yourself into gear and start seeing a difference in the way you are using your time to your advantage.

Making a schedule for how to plan your honeymoon might be the right decision for your future. When you give yourself room to plan out the details of the trip, you may find that it is less of a stressful experience than you initially anticipated.

Plenty of Time

To begin, you need to give yourself plenty of time to plan. A honeymoon is not an event that you start making arrangements for a few weeks before the actual wedding. In fact, you often need to give yourself far more time than you might imagine. Planning any kind of trip can be stressful, but coordinating a honeymoon is just a bit more frustrating because it happens to come on the heels of your wedding, which can be incredibly overwhelming to orchestrate in and of itself. Experts suggest you start planning for your wedding roughly six months before the event.

This might seem like a lot of time, but it can be very helpful to maintaining your sanity. You do not need to plan out the whole trip this early. What you really want to focus on is coming up with a general budget for what you and your partner can afford to spend on the trip. This is also the perfect time to get creative and list all of your dream honeymoon destinations. Think in broad, bold strokes while working with the budget you have set for yourself, and you may discover affordable options.

Leaving the Country

You also need to think about the logistics of your trip. Are you planning on leaving the country? Have you ever left the country before? If you have never gone outside of your homeland for a trip, it means that you need to obtain a passport or visa before you can get moving. These documents are not easy to get. In most cases, you have to go to extreme lengths to fill out the proper forms and go through the traditional waiting period before you actually receive your paperwork and embark upon your excursion.

As a rule of thumb, you should not be applying for these documents less than three months before your wedding. Should you wait too long to apply, you could be jeopardizing your entire trip. If something goes wrong with processing your paperwork, you might not see your passport in time to depart. This could cause you to lose out on all of the money you put forth for your honeymoon and even turn your post-wedding bliss into a nightmare. Avoid this by giving yourself plenty of time to apply for the necessary papers.

Last Minute

Once you have gotten down to the last couple of weeks before the wedding, there are very few tasks left to take care of. At this point in the process, you really want to give yourself the opportunity to kick back and enjoy your event. If you were able to follow all of the right steps for planning your honeymoon, then all you need to do is prepare yourself to walk down the aisle and then jet off to a beautiful location for a bit of relaxation with your new spouse.

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