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Picking Up Pennies After Your Wedding: A Financial Guide to Married Life

older gay couple sitting at tableThere are few steps in life as thrilling as getting married. You and your significant other have probably spent a great deal of time planning for the perfect wedding. Through all of this, you most likely have noticed how expensive the endeavor can be. Even though you may have been with your partner for many years before deciding to begin your married life, there are a handful of topics you may never have thought to bring up. One issue couples often neglect to discuss is finance.

Life changes in some specific ways once you wed. Finances are going to have to be a top priority now. If you are unsure of what steps are best to make in regard to your financial future, be sure to look over these suggestions to make life a bit easier for yourself.

Held Accountable 

While on the topic of finances, one area to keep aware of is your bank account. Couples struggle with banking issues at every stage of their relationships. In fact, there are many couples out there who argue over whether they should be opening up a joint account together. It might seem like an ideal move, but there are plenty of scenarios where you might want to pause before rushing to your local bank branch. If you’ve never talked financial matters before with your partner, for example, then you might want to delay the bank account chat.

You also could benefit from holding off on this topic if you worry about the spending habits of your significant other. Joining your funds together seems like a wonderful idea until you begin to notice money missing from your shared account. Having money talks can get awkward at times, so be sure to approach the discussion from an open-minded and respectful place. Taking time to have these discussions beforehand might help to point you in the right direction and get both you and your partner talking about practical financial decisions.

Share the Load

You and your partner are a unified force. Marriage brings you together in a way that allows the world to view you as a cohesive unit. This is because you and your spouse are going to share all of the trials, tribulations, joys, and victories that life throws your way. It also means you are going to start sharing in some of the financial burdens that come along with married life. Whether you are trying to buy a home together, discussing children, or looking at potential vehicles for the future, money needs to be at the discussion’s center.

Sharing the financial burden that comes along with marriage life is the only way to stay healthy. Should only one of you decide to dedicate more time or money to paying off bills, it could be the cause of future problems. To avoid these situations, you need to keep discussions about money and bills open and honest. Talk about the best and most practical ways to share the financial responsibilities in your relationship and attempt to come up with a plan you can use as your guide throughout each step of your lives together.

Pennies From Heaven 

A wedding might be a costly endeavor, but the married life that follows is filled with a lifetime of financial responsibilities. Once the bells have ceased their chiming and you are ready to resume life as usual, it is a good idea to sit down with your new spouse and talk about finances. It is wise to get this ball rolling as soon as possible. When you begin having open discussions about your budget early enough, it might help to keep you and your partner in the right spirits.

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