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A Basic Guide for Selecting a Wedding Veil

woman wearing bridal veil

A woman wearing a veil on her wedding day

On the day of your wedding, everyone is going to be looking at you. Whether you enjoy the spotlight or not, you and your partner are taking center stage in this marital production. This means you are going to spend a decent amount of time cultivating the perfect look. For brides, this process involves a lot of shopping in-store and online for wedding dresses, accessories, necklaces, and so on. One of the more important features of the dress is the veil. For generations, the veil has been a crucial component of the wedding scene.

Initially, the veil was a way of keeping the bride hidden from the groom until the ceremony was near completion. It used to be considered bad luck for the happy couple to see one another on the big day. Though this superstition has largely fallen to the wayside, many brides still prefer including a veil in their ensembles. If you need assistance picking the right veil for your look, take heed of these simple suggestions during your search.

Numbers Game

Before you start eyeballing your favorite options online, you need to consider a couple of basic logistical points. For one, it is important to understand the length you’d prefer for the piece. In order for you to know what length will work best, you have to have already purchased your dress or at least have a very solid idea of what it looks like on you. The veil needs to complement the dress, so buying a veil in advance can destroy the entire look you want to put together.

Get the dress, then start visiting different boutiques to experiment with various veil lengths. In many cases, the store where you purchased your dress will have suggestions for what accessories match best. While this input might be helpful, you also may not be impressed by what you’re shown. Consider having a veil made especially to match your dress. This decision can prove costly, but the results can completely transform your appearance.

Find a Balance

Accessories can be tricky. While you definitely want the veil to complement your dress, you also don’t want it to match too closely. Think of this piece as a way to balance out specific elements of your dress. If your gown has a lot of ornate embellishments, opt for a veil that is very simple and straightforward in design. Similarly, you may want to find your veil in a color that enhances the shade of your dress rather than one that matches it outright.

You might need to explore a number of different options in order to strike the right balance. The more you see, the more likely it will be that you’ll land on the perfect fit. Think about elements like color, length, and style. These areas will prove the most helpful when you’re looking to narrow down your choices for your veil.

Forgotten Follicles

You’re also going to need to think about how you plan on doing your hair for your wedding. If you’re going to do anything special or different to your hair, then you absolutely need to take this to heart when selecting a veil. A great way to go about this process is by planning a trial of your hair the same day you plan on exploring veil options. This will give you a better look at how the piece will sit on your head when you’re all done up for your special day.

Though the meaning behind the item has changed significantly over the decades, the veil remains a staple of many weddings to this day. When the time comes to select the right option for your big day, be sure to explore as many styles as possible and see which complements your dress the best.

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