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Strange Wedding Superstitions You Should Ignore

Superstitions including spiders bringing good luckMarriage is one of the oldest institutions known to humanity. For as far back as recorded history goes, there are references to weddings and the customs that surround marital events. While the rituals and trends might change with passing centuries, there are still a handful of beliefs that linger on. Sometimes, these old traditions can be welcoming and even comforting to the future married couple. Unfortunately, there are also many odd superstitions that tend to get passed down from one generation to the next. Often, these old mindsets can be outright bizarre and leave most people wondering where they originated.

If you’re planning your wedding and feeling stress, take a moment to learn about some of these strange superstitions about walking down the aisle. You’re bound to get some amusement and possibly a few laughs out of these beliefs.

Say No Way to May

Spring weddings have been incredibly popular for many years now. Still, this wasn’t always the case. Even though current statistics say it is one of the top months for couples to tie the knot, May was once viewed as the absolute worst time of year to wed due to superstitions. In fact, there’s an old cautionary saying that goes, “Marry in May, rue the day.” While rhymes may be easy to remember, they rarely speak universal truth. So where did this catchy saying come from? Research shows the origin can be traced back to a few possible sources.

One popular theory involves the 1840s in France, where the month of May usually meant livestock would be taking to the hills to mate. Farmers and herders preferred to wait until this explicit show of biology had passed in order to focus on their weddings. Another theory traces the superstition back to Ancient Rome, where the month of May was associated with many feasts of the dead. To marry during this time of year might have been considered a bad omen or even simply a faux pas.

Creepy Crawlies

Arachnophobia is considered one of the top, most widespread fears among adults across the world. Some people are so terrified of spiders that they have no control over their physical reactions to the presence of a little web-spinner. If you’re someone who shares this fear, then you probably won’t be happy to hear finding a spider on your wedding day is considered a sign of good luck. To make it even more specific, the superstition says a bride who discovers a spider in her gown after putting it on will have great fortune.

While phobias don’t show bias, statistics state arachnophobia is more prevalent in women than men. This fact makes the superstition seem outright mean, as a majority of brides would probably react terribly to discovering a creepy little arachnid shimmying up an arm moments before walking down the aisle. Though the superstition persists to this day, it is safe to assume most brides would find avoiding spiders altogether to produce much more luck.

Death Drop

Finally, one of the more severe superstitions that has stuck around for years is the belief that dropping the wedding rings will cause certain death. Specifically, if part of the couple should accidentally let his or her ring hit the ground, then he or she would be the first to pass away in the relationship. Clumsy people and butterfingers can breathe a sigh of relief knowing there is no validity to this superstition. Still, you should make sure there are no open vents or grates nearby should gravity win out over your hold on the rings.

Plenty of strange superstitions get passed from generation to generation. While you may find believing in some of them gives you comfort, it is often much better to ignore those that seem bizarre, or in the case of finding a spider, outright cruel.

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