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What Traditions To Include in Your Wedding

One of many traditions is the ceremonial cutting of the cakeDepending on where you’re from, weddings might have a lot of specific customs and rituals attached to them. Still, not everyone adheres to a strict list of traditions for their own ceremonies. Some couples prefer to go with the flow while planning their events and make the most of things by selecting engaging and sentimental activities to include in their itineraries. Of course, you might also feel like you’re not sure which aspects of a traditional wedding experience you should include and which you should ditch entirely.

One simple way to make your decision is by looking over some of the most popular wedding traditions. By looking at what other couples felt were absolutely necessary to their experiences, you and your significant other stand to gain a bit of insight on what might fit your own needs.

Cutting the Cake

Cakes are some of the most important elements of weddings. According to recent polls, almost all couples who got married in recent years decided that a cake cutting ritual was absolutely necessary for their wedding experience. It stands to reason that you and your partner would like to have a cake for your event, but you might not know exactly how much attention this specific moment needs from your guests. This is going to come down to your own wishes, especially if you’re not someone who needs a constant stream of attention.

If you and your significant other want to have a bit of fun during the cake cutting, then you can opt for the tradition that involves a showy cutting of the cake, followed by the happy couple smashing slices in each other’s faces. If you’re not super keen on the attention, have the kitchen staff cut the cake out of view of the guests and simply have it served without announcement. Find a balance between tradition and your own needs, and you’re more likely to enjoy what the final outcome looks like.

Speak Up!

While the cutting of the wedding cake is the most popular and widespread tradition to be included in modern weddings, it is followed closely by toasts. Speeches are not a required aspect of a reception, but it seems as if most couples want to include these moments. Having one or two members of the wedding party stand up, give a speech, and encourage a champagne toast can be a fantastic way to keep guests entertained while they eat dinner and prepare to get up and do a little bit of dancing.

Unfortunately, speeches can also invite trouble. You could be dealing with a drunken best man who keeps slurring his words or a sister who is oversharing information from childhood. Give the people you want to make toasts very specific guidelines and encourage everyone to stay relatively sober until after this part of the night is done. This way, you can get all the emotional comfort of the speeches without the mortifying discomfort that comes along with lengthy or awkward toasts.

A Choreographed Entrance

One trend that seems to be going down in popularity is the idea of the choreographed entrance. A few years back, it was normal for couples to enter their venues with their wedding parties in a grand, entertaining way that involved specific, choreographed dance moves. Since fewer people are opting for this, it will come down to your own preferences and whether you feel like committing to rehearsals for a dance that will last all of three minutes.

There are countless traditions to think about adding to your big day. Since you don’t have to include each and every ritual, take a bit of time to see which are the most meaningful to you. This will help you put together an event that you can really take pride in.


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