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Dealing With Common Wedding Party Questions and Concerns

A bride on the telephone with members of her wedding partyYour wedding party is comprised of some of your closest, most trusted friends and family members. The people who stand with you on your big day are usually the people you have grown alongside and have helped shape you into the person you are today. Unfortunately, these people might also drive you insane and bring a million little problems to the table at every possible turn. While it might not be great for your sanity, it is best to think through some of these potential problem areas in advance.

You’ve got a lot on your plate when you’re putting together a wedding. In order to be ready for some of the questions that might come your way, look over how to deal with these possible inquiries from members of your wedding party.

Like a Broken Record

“When and where are we meeting?” is a question you are likely to hear over and over again from specific members of your party. There’s always one in every group who just can’t seem to remember any of the important details about meeting up. What’s worse, you can tell this person the information he or she needs until you are blue in the face and it never quite seems to sink in the way it needs to. If you’re tired of repeating yourself, there are some better solutions available on the internet.

Create an itinerary that you can share with every member of your wedding party. Include pertinent details like what time you need party members to be at each event, the address of every location to be visited, and anything else you think might prove useful for party members to have. Should someone in your party ask you about the schedule, all you need to do is remind the person that he or she has everything on the itinerary. Keep a digital copy on your phone and send it to forgetful party members when requested so you can focus on other more pressing matters.

A Rotating Door of Dates

Another common question brought to your attention by wedding guests will have to do with their dates. As a rule of thumb, anyone you ask to be in your party should be given the option of bringing a date to your event. Of course, life can change and relationships can go sour. Friends or relatives might come up to you and mention that they have broken up with their boyfriend or girlfriend, and wish to bring a different guest to the wedding. Knowing how to respond to this can be a huge help for your sanity.

Some couples have a hard time with guests who make last-minute changes to their plans. With wedding party members, you can be a little bit less strict with the rules. These women and men are the ones who are helping you bring your perfect day to fruition, so you want to show your appreciation in whatever way you can. You’ve already factored in a guest for each member of the party, so it should not make a big difference to your plans if a different “plus one” fills the seat.

The Complainers

Finally, you may hear a lot of complaining from certain party members about the scheduling of specific appointments. Bridesmaids, for example, often have to wake at the crack of dawn to get to hair and makeup appointments before the ceremony. Should someone in your party complain about the timing, you have the authority to shut down their whining. Explain the appointment is needed and there is no way to get everything done and get to the venue on time without the early schedule.

Even though the members of your wedding party are there to help you make your big day a success, they can still ruffle your feathers from time to time. Plan ahead by learning more about common questions you might get asked, and figure out the right solutions in advance.


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