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Do You Absolutely Need a Wedding Hashtag?

A wedding hashtag with candy heartsTechnology has found a way to integrate itself into almost every aspect of daily life. Whether you’re trying to cook an unfamiliar recipe or searching for the ideal pair of shoes to match your new outfit, the internet is probably the place you go to find all your answers. It should come as no surprise that social media is a huge aspect of many modern weddings. In fact, many couples who have tied the knot in recent years have considered utilizing a wedding hashtag for social media purposes.

A specific wedding hashtag helps you and your guests keep all pictures taken during your big day in the same convenient place. Still, you might not need a hashtag. Look over these details and figure out whether you need to #hashtag your wedding.

A Plethora of Social Media Options

The convenience of a hashtag is what makes most people immediately jump at the opportunity to concoct a clever one for their own event. Once you’ve created a unique tag, all you need to do is inform your guests about it. After they learn the hashtag, your guests can post all kinds of pictures and videos to social media under this specific tag. This way, after the festivities have ended and you’re ready to peruse photos of the event, you won’t need to scour the internet for hours. All you need to do is search the hashtag!

Of course, this might not always be the best solution. Not everyone is going to be on the same social media platforms, meaning pictures from your event could wind up split across a dozen different apps. Instead of creating a certain hashtag, you might find it is more convenient to ask all guests to upload images to a certain app. Google Drive is popular nowadays, and you can easily ask your guests to contribute to a shared folder where photos can be accessed without much searching required.

How Public Do You Want Your Big Day?

Another important consideration when weighing whether you need a hashtag is the public nature of social media posts. Are you the kind of person who keeps your accounts private? If so, then you need to remember your friends with public accounts don’t share your level of privacy. This means a large portion of the pictures taken during your wedding will be posted on the internet in a very public way, and anyone can view the images. For some, this isn’t a big concern, but others may not love the idea.

On the flip side of things, you also need to consider that you might not be friends on social media with everyone who will be coming to your wedding. If certain friends or family members have private accounts and use your personalized wedding hashtag, then you are going to need to send these individuals friend requests in order to see their pictures from your big day. While not the biggest concern, you may find it awkward to send requests to people you’ve known for many years but never bothered to follow online.

The Disengagement Option

Finally, creating a wedding hashtag encourages your guests to use their phones. Though this might be par for the course in the modern age, there are many couples who would rather their guests turn away from their screens and live in the moment. You don’t want to fight for attention against smartphones on your wedding day, which means you may not want to create a reason for people to disengage.

Using a specific hashtag for your wedding has a number of pros and cons. Think through all of the finer points and find a solution that helps you fully take advantage of your big day.


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