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Make These Cuts to Your Wedding and Save Some Money

A person saving for their wedding with budget cuts and penny pinchingA lot of planning goes into throwing a wedding. You may spend countless hours trying to pick tiny details that you think will help enhance the event. Unfortunately, most of the little things are going to go unnoticed by your friends and relatives. While you are free to do whatever you like for your big day, it can be helpful to know that you can save a bit of money by foregoing a handful of ideas. All you need to do is understand which cuts go too far and which are appropriate.

Give yourself a moment to look over these simple cuts you can make to your wedding to save a bit of money. When all is said and done, it’s far more important to save cash than it is to lose yourself in details few people will notice or appreciate.

The Ceremony

Right away, there are a handful of expenses related to the ceremony you can do without. The programs, for example, are a very easy cut to make. It might seem like a nice idea to list the order of events for the ceremony and include all the names of wedding party members in the program, but these pieces of paper are only relevant for a half hour. Once the ceremony ends, almost all of the programs will be trashed or totally forgotten about. This alone means you should reconsider spending money on something that holds no real purpose.

You may also want to consider eliminating extra décor from the ceremony. Many couples purchase additional items when planning their receptions. While you might think the venue will look more appealing with loads of decorations all over the place, most guests will be too busy looking at you and your partner to take notice. To save some money for more important elements of your event, consider limiting or doing away with ceremony décor altogether.

The Reception

It might feel like each and every aspect of your wedding ceremony comes together to make a beautiful whole, but that isn’t exactly the case. Often, couples will overspend on elements that hold no real bearing on how guests perceive the event. One of the biggest offenders? Table linens. Spending money on “nice” linens for the tables is a huge waste of cash. Not only will guests barely notice this element, the linens are going to be covered in food and drink in no time. Go for cheap, acceptable linens and save yourself the frustration.

Another expense you can do away with is the centerpieces. You don’t technically need to get rid of them entirely, but you can benefit by spending a lot less on them. Centerpieces that are large and elaborate might seem appealing, but they actually are super annoying. These pieces of décor create a frustrating obstruction for guests at tables while adding very little value to the event. Get rid of centerpieces or, at the very least, opt for very simple bouquets of flowers to save a nice chunk of change.

Some Additional Cuts

When it comes to saving money for your wedding, try and think about the little details that few people will care about. Your wedding cake, for example, is a good place to make cuts. The cake needs to taste good for guests to remember it. As long as this element is present, it doesn’t matter how elaborate the design of the cake is. Keep the cake sweet and simple, and you’ll find it is a lot easier to satisfy guests without breaking the bank along the way.

Saving money for your big day comes down to knowing what cuts to make. Take time to look at your budget, and see what adjustments you need to make to deliver a wonderful event without using every last penny.


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