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Fun Twists To Consider for Your Big Day

A bride having fun eating food with her handsThrowing a wedding can be a lot of work. What’s important to remember is that at the end of it all, you and your partner will be celebrating your union. This means you want to make sure the event is a reflection of you both. If a traditional wedding seems too stuffy for your tastes, then now is a perfect time to branch out and start exploring some unique ideas that may be able to infuse some fun into the mix. Breaking with tradition is a perfect way to customize your event and truly make it your own.

From unconventional meals to secret toasts, there are a number of great ways to put your own twist on your wedding. Look over these tips and see what works for you.

Starting Early

Weddings can seriously do a number on your nerves. The planning process has a way of causing even the sanest people to be a bit loopy, and the wedding itself can easily make you feel like you swallowed a terrarium packed with butterflies. There are plenty of ways to calm your nerves before your walk down the aisle. One great idea to help keep you calm and also include your wedding party is by popping a bottle of champagne earlier in the day before the ceremony has even gotten started.

A little bit of alcohol at the start of your day can take the edge off and help you feel a bit more relaxed. Instead of sneaking a drink alone, gather the members of your wedding party together before the ceremony and pop a bottle of champagne. Allow some of the members to say a toast or two, as this can also help take your mind off everything and feel the good vibes all around you. Be sure not to drink too much, of course, or your day could prove interesting in a bad way.

Let Them Eat Delicious Grease

Wedding food usually follows a few different patterns. Whether the guests order from a limited menu or there’s a buffet where people can pick and choose what they’d like, the options don’t change too much. For a unique choice, try and select foods that guests don’t eat regularly. Greasy, fatty foods aren’t usually a staple at most weddings, but you might make a lot of people happy by serving up fried chicken, hamburgers, French fries, pizza, and everything else people secretly want to eat when they’re feeling hungry.

A less-than-healthy menu can be a great way to surprise your guests and provide some smiles. Of course, you are also going to face some troubles with this choice. Healthy eaters, people with dietary restrictions, and anyone who has health concerns might not be able to partake. Instead of going full speed with the unhealthy idea, mix and match things a bit. Have fried chicken, but also offer a salad of fresh greens. Include burgers, but be sure to also include some fresh fish. Thinking outside the box with food can bring you some ideas that’ll make your mouth water. 

Bounce Around

Finally, an idea that has seen a bit of popularity in recent years is including a bounce house at your reception. Adults don’t always get a chance to throw caution to the wind and act silly, but weddings offer a unique chance for having fun. Help your guests feel really light and happy by providing them with a room where they can feel like children again and laugh like fools. This is maybe not the best idea if you decide to serve only greasy foods, however.

Putting a unique spin on your big day is all about finding options that really catch your eye. No matter what you select, be sure to make your decision based on what you and your partner will love the most.


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