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Personalizing an LGBT Wedding

An LGBT friendly wedding cake with a Mrs and Mrs cake topperGetting engaged can be an exciting time in your life. While you may feel the thrill right away, you probably also have a few concerns about planning your wedding. For same-sex couples, there can be a lot of confusion surrounding the process. LGBT couples were only given the right to wed in recent years, meaning it is still something of a new concept for many. This can become apparent when you’re thinking about which traditions you want to include in your own event. Many rituals fit heterosexual couples but don’t exactly meet the needs of same-sex pairs. To help you along your way, take a look at these tips on personalizing your wedding. With a bit of research, you will be ready to walk down the aisle with confidence.

LGBT Ceremonies

One area you might be struggling with is the ceremony. You might be wondering if you really need to go through this part of the process in a traditional way at all. While religious influence has affected weddings for a long portion of human history, don’t feel like you need to include religion in your own event. If you and your significant other are not very religious, then try to find a more appropriate way to join your lives together. Simply going through the motions won’t do you any justice.

Conversely, don’t feel like you need to ditch tradition entirely just because you’re a part of the LGBT community. While plenty of homosexual couples feel estranged from religious organizations for one reason or another, there are also countless individuals who find meaning in a spiritual existence. As long as you’re staying true to the beliefs you and your significant other share, your ceremony can take whatever form you would like it to.

LGBT Receptions

The ceremony is often a bit easier to plan out than the reception. This is largely because the reception is jam-packed with a ton of heteronormative rituals. From first dances to tossing the bouquet, gay couples can feel a bit overwhelmed when it comes to which traditions to include. As with the ceremony, the best way to find the right practices for your needs is by going with what feels natural. If you want to smash cake in each other’s faces for good luck, then grab a chunk and smash away!

The reception can also be a great time to explore unique traditions. Following the tried-and-true path is totally fine for a wedding, but you might want to put your own mark on the day so that it stands out for you. Whether this special ritual is a personal idea you came up with, something members of your family have done for generations, or something you discovered online, creating your own tradition can have a special kind of power. If you find something you want to include in your big day, then feel free to incorporate it.

Final Thoughts

When deciding which traditions and rituals to keep in your wedding, it is best to go with your gut. Sit down with your partner and discuss which of these customs means the most to the two of you. Do some research, and check out sites like Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. Personal meaning should always take precedence when it comes to putting together the details of your event. By incorporating things that actually have an impact on your lives, you’re going with the most meaningful choices for your wedding.

There are many considerations to take when you’re planning out your wedding. Take your time and find the right rituals to include in your big day so that you can feel like your event is your own.

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