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AMM Location w logoThe Universal Life Church is a religious organization where we celebrate exuberantly the holy union of two souls joined in marriage. We aim to empower people to conduct religious ceremonies, like to perform a wedding, as they see fit.

Everyone considers marriage to be a holy institution and our initiative is to respect and celebrate that sentiment.

We believe

We believe that things like gender, race, socioeconomic status, nationality or especially sexual orientation should not be considered as hurdles in marriage while performing weddings, nor should they determine who is permitted to marry. Our mission is thus: to ensure that anyone can officiate a marriage for anyone who would like one without investing too much time, effort or money.

Officiating marriage or wedding

Legally a wedding means completion of some paperwork, but in reality it is much more than that. This is a huge step for not only the couple but also their families and the pressure to perform weddings may be felt by the person officiating it, especially if it’s the first wedding ceremony being performed by that celebrant; so it is our endeavor to make sure that the entire process is handled well by you.

Remember, a couple must file for wedding license which must be presented at the time of marriage and returned to the issuing county official after the wedding. Meanwhile this entire process is overseen by you, the new minister, who checks if the information is correct.
We fight tirelessly to defend the right of any individual to practice his or her beliefs, no matter what they may be, as long as those actions (in accord with our central tenets) do not violate the rights of others or conflict with the law.

We will ordain any individual who seeks us out. At the Universal Life Church, we seek to shift an often unflattering perception of religion by encouraging our ministers to fearlessly state their individual religious beliefs. We strive to provide a platform that will allow for the expression of any and all faiths and we continue to do just that, with great pride.

What does it means to be a part of the Universal Life Church?

In an ideal world, everyone on Earth would be a Universal Life Church minister! The realm of possibility explodes when one feels empowered to preach their own truth and understanding in the world. Many of those who are not yet ordained don’t yet comprehend the doors that ministry will open for them. To reiterate, the Universal Life Church will ordain any individual as a minister for life – and will do so without asking for any financial compensation.

We offer Free Online Ordinations to anyone who visits us with an open heart and mind. You can complete the process and become a legally ordained minister right here on our web site.

We do this as part of our not-for-profit ministry, without question of faith or practice, and we keep a formal legal record of all ordinations for life. All we ask is that you are sincere in your request, your desire to minister to others, and your belief in our principles of – “Do that which is right” and “We Are All Children of the Same Universe.”

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