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LGBTQ People Face Unique Worries About Retirement Planning

It’s well-known how the Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision made marriage equality legal. At the same time, it also changed the financial landscape for LGBTQ couples. Even with these new developments, queer and transgender individuals still struggle financially. In particular, LGBTQ people of all ages encounter unique challenges in retirement planning. Financial Changes Affecting […]

Clever Ways To Ask Your Friend To Officiate Your Wedding

These days, it has become more and more popular for couples to ask friends and family members to be involved in their weddings in creative ways. Personalized gifts and sentimental messages are the perfect combination when you’re looking to involve the people you care about in your big day. While you might already have a […]

Great Ways To Save for Your Big Day

Weddings are one of the most expensive events a person can plan for. Studies show a couple is likely to spend somewhere close to $29,000 for their event. This is a serious sum, and it can make most people feel dizzy thinking about it. If you and your significant other recently decided to tie the […]

Love One Another: How To Find LGBTQ-Affirming Faith Communities

Hillsong is well-known as a popular and charismatic Christian megachurch. Founded in Australia in 1983, Hillsong has attracted celebrities such as musician Justin Bieber and actor Chris Pratt. Yet it’s not without its controversy and disturbing details. A January 2019 Queerty article delved into the organization’s past, revealing its history of homophobia. This seems at […]

Want To Save for Your Wedding? Check Out These Options

Your wedding may focus on love and commitment, but you’re going to need some cold hard cash to make your celebration happen. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on debt financing to fund your big day. With many types of deposit account options and other savings vehicles on the market, you’ve got several options to […]

Save Some Money With These Wedding Budget Tips

Planning for your wedding can easily become a very expensive process. While you might not be trying to put together an event to rival European royalty, you still need to make sure you cover expenses like food, alcohol, photography, and other essentials. Though your plans can easily become a bit pricier than you intended, there […]

Should You Consider Online Save-the-Dates?

Nowadays, almost everything can be handled via the internet. Whether you’re looking to pay some bills, book a table at a restaurant, or do all of your shopping without changing out of your pajamas, hopping online is a simple and straightforward solution. As you continue to plan for your upcoming wedding, you might be curious […]

Up the Cool Factor With Fun Wedding Entertainment

Browse wedding websites, and you’ll find all kinds of advice on how to select and book a DJ. That’s no surprise, considering that DJs have been a primary entertainment choice at weddings over the last few decades. As trends and preferences change, couples seek cool alternatives for elements that were once thought to be essential […]

Married in a Hurry? Plan Your Wedding in Six Months or Less

According to Wedding Wire’s Kim Forrest, around 19 percent of surveyed couples planned their weddings in six months or less. Whether it’s unexpected life developments, the perfect event date that you can’t pass up, or it just “feels right” to take the plunge, you and your sweetie may decide to tie the knot sooner rather […]

Preparing Your Body for Your Wedding Day

Getting ready for your wedding most likely includes a lot of goals related to fitness and overall health. Since you want to look your best for your big day, it makes sense to spend time hitting the gym, watching what you eat, and dedicating time to personal wellness. Unfortunately, you may be surprised to learn […]