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Demystifying the Approved Vendor List

While you’re shopping for venues, it’s not uncommon to encounter those with approved or preferred vendor lists. Like many couples, you may be concerned about having the flexibility and freedom to choose the professionals you work with. Understanding the purpose of these lists and making sense of venue guidelines can help drive your decision-making process. […]

Procrastination and Wedding Planning: Beyond To-Do Lists and Organization

Deadlines and to-do lists are common when you’re planning a wedding, but so are the occasional feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed out. We all face crunch times, along with the temptation to put off essential tasks. While procrastination can become a serious problem for any nearly-wed, you may need more than just useful organization […]

The Right Time for Wedding Speeches

Your wedding is a chance for you and your significant other to gather all of your friends and relatives in one place for a celebration of your relationship. Throughout the course of the night, you will hear all kinds of loving messages and well-wishes from your guests. In fact, most weddings are structured to allow […]

Properly Take Care of Your Engagement Ring With These Tips

Getting engaged is usually an exciting moment. After agreeing to marriage, you and your significant other are going to have a long road of planning ahead of you. Of course, preparing for your future wedding is only a small part of the equation. You also need to take proper care of your engagement ring in […]

Got a Lopsided Guest Count? Understand Your Options

Weddings have changed a great deal in the last century thanks to shifting societal norms and couples’ desires for meaningful, personalized experiences. Yet some vestiges of older traditions remain. Even modern wedding planning is often based on the assumption that both spouses-to-be have roughly equal representation in their guest list. A lopsided guest count can […]

Rooftop Romance: Tips for Your Fabulous Wedding

Rooftop weddings gained a great deal of popularity in 2018. Even in 2019, this trend shows no signs of stopping. Maybe you’re in love with a gorgeous view from above or want a non-traditional way to celebrate your nuptials. Either way, you can decide whether a rooftop wedding is for you and plan a successful […]

Reusing Shower Décor for Your Big Day

Sustainability is incredibly important in the modern day and age. By discovering practical solutions to wasteful problems, some amazing things can transpire. This is especially true of your wedding day. Whether you are someone who believes in the power of recycling or not, you stand to save a lot of money by exploring the idea […]

Don’t Forget To Avoid These Common Wedding Mistakes

According to recent reports, more than 2.5 million weddings take place across the planet each year. That means that there are thousands of marriages occurring each day. Though traditions vary from culture to culture, the general idea of marriage remains somewhat the same. While the sheer numbers of people getting married can seem staggering, it […]

No Friends? No Worries! What To Do About Your Wedding Party

You’ve gotten engaged, and now you have a wedding to plan. You iron out the necessary tasks to pull your event together. Venue? Check. Vendors? You have several in mind. Yet you freeze at one item on your list: the wedding party. You’re short on friends you can ask to stand with you as attendants. […]

Save Your Wedding Guests Money With These Great Tips

As an engaged couple, you may already be considering ways that you can budget and cut costs for your upcoming wedding. At the same time, your guests will also incur expenses of their own. You’d love for them to share in your happiness, but you may worry about your celebration taking big bites out of […]