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Get the Most out of Wedding Expos With These Tips

Planning a wedding requires managing both resources and time. Finding the best vendors for your event is one piece of the puzzle, but it is a significant step. Wedding expos can help you discover the professionals you need in less time than researching the internet. Yet you need a sound approach to make the most […]

Love Under the Stars: Astrology and Your Wedding

Astrology is having an undoubtedly big pop-culture moment. The Guardian reported in March 2018 that horoscope readership has skyrocketed in the last few years. It’s also gaining popularity with adults under 35, who look to it either for guidance or a mental framework to help understand our world. Mashable revealed that the number of queer […]

Keeping Control of Your Wedding: A Guide

While planning for your upcoming wedding, you’ve probably heard a nightmare story or two about the experiences friends and family members had during their own events. One common theme likely to keep coming up is the topic of people who get way too involved in the process. Whether this person is a relative, close friend, […]

Making Magic: Crafting Your First Dance Moment

A married couple’s first dance is seen as a pivotal moment in any wedding celebration. Couples try their best to make it memorable with the right song and dance moves for their grand entrance. When your goal is to make it truly special, you’ll benefit from some sage wisdom and innovative approaches. Choosing Your Song […]

2019’s Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

As you plan your upcoming wedding, you most likely are not thinking about romance. Sure, the general idea of marriage begins with feelings of love and excitement. But preparations for tying the knot may turn into a more practical, utilitarian experience. You need to organize guest lists, find vendors, and figure out what tunes will […]

Beyond Same-Sex Marriage: Race and LGBTQ Civil Rights Issues

The last decade has seen several victories for LGBTQ civil rights. The Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision undoubtedly made headlines in 2015. Other milestones include local nondiscrimination ordinances, broader insurance protections, and greater media visibility. Yet as more conservative LGBTQ individuals speak up, their political ideologies raise serious questions about inclusion, diversity, racism, and […]

What Traditions To Include in Your Wedding

Depending on where you’re from, weddings might have a lot of specific customs and rituals attached to them. Still, not everyone adheres to a strict list of traditions for their own ceremonies. Some couples prefer to go with the flow while planning their events and make the most of things by selecting engaging and sentimental […]

How Marriage Changes Your Credit Score

Marriage is a big step. When you make the decision to tie the knot with someone you care deeply about, it transforms almost all aspects of your life. While some of these changes are going to be obvious, like cohabitating with your significant other, other transformations might not be as apparent. Some couples, for example, […]

Minding the Money: Consider Finances Before Tying the Knot

For many people in long-term relationships, marriage may appear to be the logical next step. After all, each partner already plays a significant role in the other’s life. Yet the decision of whether to tie the knot may not be cut and dry for everyone. In these cases, it’s important to think about some factors […]

LGBTQ People Face Unique Worries About Retirement Planning

It’s well-known how the Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision made marriage equality legal. At the same time, it also changed the financial landscape for LGBTQ couples. Even with these new developments, queer and transgender individuals still struggle financially. In particular, LGBTQ people of all ages encounter unique challenges in retirement planning. Financial Changes Affecting […]