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Story of St. Nicholas for the ULC

As homes and storefronts hang their holiday decor, the jolly, rotund figure of Santa Claus features prominently. Santa Claus symbolizes universal values of cheer, kindness, and generosity. The more modernized and secular Santa Claus developed from the historical St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas also appears at Christmastime, often imagined with traditional style carvings of a gaunt […]

The Universal Life Church Gives Thanks

Thanksgiving is upon us. Our ministers at the Universal Life Church believe in recapturing the sentiments often associated with the first Thanksgiving celebration. Non-exclusionary and respectful of other cultures, the first Thanksgiving is thought to represent many of the values currently shared by minsters of the Universal Life Church. Even though it can seem at […]

Halloween and the ULC

Any interfaith minister who has chosen to be ordained in the Universal Life Church (ULC) already espouses acceptance of a variety of religious beliefs. In keeping with this message of tolerance, an interfaith minister of the ULC also knows that to be ordained means recognizing that certain holidays may be sources of dispute between religions. […]

Halloween, the ULC, and Zombies

Interfaith ministers ordained through ULC come from many faiths. Though some are more common than others, none are turned away due to unconventional beliefs. Anyone can be ordained as a an interfaith minister through ULC without question regarding your faith. This includes those of the Vodou faith. In Vodou, Bokor are priests who “serve the […]

Halloween, the ULC, and Vampires

Vampires have been important figures in legends from a variety of cultures across the world. Often depicted as bloodthirsty and demonic beings, they still strike fear in the hearts of many people, even in the modern era. In the Jewish and Christian religious texts, there are multiple mentions of creatures with vampire qualities; in the […]

Halloween, the ULC, and Ghosts

Paranormal phenomena have been experienced all over the world and throughout time. People claim to see spirits manifested in photos, dreams, and some even make direct contact with these apparitions. As proponents of religious freedom, ULC provides applicants the opportunity to become an ordained interfaith minister, and promotes peaceful pursuance of faith for all individuals. […]

Halloween, the ULC, and Monsters

Darker beings and monsters of all colors and sizes can be found all across the texts of the Earth’s major religions. For those who wish to become a pastor for the ULC, studying the inner workings of the world’s most prevalent religions can seem to be a fruitless task. However, some of the monsters of […]

Halloween, the ULC, and Demons

As Halloween approaches we all begin to think of the demons, ghosts, and other evil things. We also begin to fill our evenings with the 31 nights of horror movies tradition that we have all adopted. For interfaith ministers ordained in the Universal Life Church, we can take this time of year to learn about […]