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Signs of Gay Times

A Nebraska woman is suing all homosexual people in federal court. A Swedish peace group sends mixed signals to gay Russian sailors in a message that calls for greater efforts toward peaceful resolution of conflict, as well as for improved treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals in Russia. Litigating for God In […]

Do Hookup Apps Spread Infection?

Public health officials in Britain raised alarm and sparked some ire by blaming the rising rates of syphilis and gonorrhea among gay men on the widespread use of mobile hookup apps. Other experts argue that the cause-and-effect relationship is not clear enough to make such a broad conclusion. Industry insiders say that education and intervention […]

Visual Aids for Your Online Church

Technology has found uses in virtually every aspect of life. It can help enhance the quality of your church service and the engagement of your congregation whether you have an online church, a physical location, or both. Internet ministry can be a tricky means of operation. People’s attention spans wane while online, and a site […]

Devotionals for Your Internet Ministry

Devotionals are a valuable teaching tool for churches. As a minister of the Universal Life Church, you may sometimes wonder if your sermons are going in one ear and out the other. You may feel as though the impact of Sunday church services are lost throughout the week. Many church members struggle with following through […]

The NSA Snooping in Your Online Church

If you’ve ever stepped into a confessional, you know that it can be cathartic and scary at the same time. You’re about to tell a respected Holy man all the not-so-holy things you’ve done recently. This man knows your family, he might have held you as a baby, and he isn’t likely to be thrilled […]

Feast of the Sacred Heart

The Feast of the Sacred Heart, or the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, is a holiday in the Catholic liturgical calendar. It occurs nineteen days after the holiday of Pentecost, and it always takes place on a Friday. The first official celebration of the holiday took place in 1670, and it was […]

Perspective on the Online Church

Pentecost is a Christian celebration that commemorates the descent of the blessings and presence of Jesus on the remaining eleven disciples and approximately 100 close followers. Pentecost is celebrated fifty days after Easter. In the New Testament account of Pentecost, it is said that the eleven disciples, along with over a hundred close followers, including […]

Outreach in Your Online Church

If you have been ordained online and are excited about developing your Internet ministry or online church, you are probably already aware of the potential that social media pages have to get your message to a large number of people. You may not, however, be quite sure of how to proceed in developing good online […]

Maintaining a Healthy Family and an Online Church

In this highly technological age, an increasing number of ministers are using the Internet to fully or partially engage with their congregations: And they are doing so with great success. The ministers are from a wide variety of denominations, and include members of the Universal Life Church. The benefits of an internet ministry or online […]

World Religion Day and Your Online Church

With World Religion Day approaching soon, many ministers of the Universal Life Church are giving serious thought to various ways they can use their website to celebrate spirituality with their congregations. If you are like most modern ministers, your website plays a big part in how you interact with the members of your church. In […]