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Same-Sex Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

There are plenty of problems that can come up when you and your partner are planning for your future. While you may have had some wonderful years together up until this point, the time after an engagement is announced can be fraught with peril. It may be a tumultuous time, but there are plenty of […]

A Wedding with Personal Touch

Even though it took years of fighting for it to become legalized, a wedding between two individuals of the same sex is essentially the same as a ceremony between people of the opposite sex. One of the exciting aspects of planning for a same-sex wedding is that you have the chance to come up with […]

Gender Dysphoria: How You Can Help

Transgender people have a wide variety of experiences in their own bodies. However, one issue commonly experienced by many trans individuals is gender dysphoria. It can result in discomfort, bringing about a range of distressing, negative emotions. This guide is intended to assist you in understanding what it is, how it affects your transgender spouse […]

After the Wedding Is Over

Once your wedding has ended and the guests have all gone home, you and your spouse will have a moment to finally be alone together. A wedding can easily become a huge process and dwarf the fact that you are having one to celebrate your love for your partner. While you do not need to […]

Planning a Same-Sex Winter Holiday Wedding

If you’re thinking of throwing a winter holiday wedding, then you’re not alone. It’s becoming a growing trend, with couples opting for nuptials during the cooler months to avoid typical June dates—and the higher costs sometimes associated with them. The season offers many beautiful and exciting ideas to incorporate into your ceremony and reception. Additionally, […]

LGBT Domestic Violence

October is recognized as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the United States. There is a misconception that only straight women experience domestic violence, and although there is significant evidence that more women are abused than men, straight men are victims of abuse, as are gay men, lesbians and transgenders. According to the CDC, domestic […]

8 LGBT History Museums

If you’re looking for a place to take a honeymoon or a romantic getaway, you should consider visiting one of these great towns with a LGBT History Museums that focuses on LBGT art and history. Although we hope that more museums would become more inclusive and diverse to include artists from the LGBT community, you […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Proposing

Asking someone to marry you is likely one of the most important questions you will ever ask. It’s not every day you ask the person you love to spend the rest of his or her life with you. Because of this, the thought of popping the question may have you freaking out a little. Even […]

Coming Together After the Orlando Shooting

The mass shooting at the gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, is the worst shooting in modern United States history. Fifty people were killed including the gunman, and dozens more were injured to varying degrees. The ordeal lasted for several hours, and included a hostage situation and a shootout between SWAT team members and the shooter. […]

Westboro Baptist Church: Church or Hate Group?

You’ve likely heard of Westboro Baptist Church. You may have had the displeasure of witnessing members protesting the funerals of soldiers, someone from the LGBT community, politicians, and even children who were victims of mass shootings. Despite the group’s name, it is hard to find another church or a Christian who supports this organization in […]