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The Tale of the Babadook: A New Pop Culture LGBTQ Icon

Say the word “queer icon” and you might elicit a wide range of mental imagery. For example, you might see prominent singers made famous by their LGBTQ fandoms, such as Donna Summer and Janet Jackson. The openly gay Star Trek actor and internet sensation, George Takei, might come to mind. Some might even mention luminaries, […]

Ending Workplace Discrimination

Recently, there has been quite a stir in the United States in relation to LGBT rights. While many positive changes took place under the guidance of the previous administration, the current team in charge has left almost everyone worried. Many members of the LGBT community have expressed concerns over whether they will be losing rights […]

Many Mormons Leaving the Church

Hundreds of Mormons are officially removing themselves from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints because of the church’s policy on punishing same-sex couples. The policy has made many people angry. This doesn’t just include those in same-sex relationships. Many Mormons who have friends or family members who are homosexual feel the policy […]

Using Alternative Dating Techniques

Finding the love of your life is one of the best things that will ever happen to you. Getting married and spending the rest of your life with your partner is quite an experience, and it’s something you may be looking forward to. So what happens when you want nothing more than to settle down […]

Same-Sex Marriage Opponent Justice Scalia Found Dead

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has died. He was 79. Scalia was found in his hotel room at a ranch he had been staying at. When he didn’t show up for breakfast the morning after his death, the ranch owner became concerned. When late morning approached and there was still no sign of him, the […]

Kim Davis Back in Court

Many assumed that with the end of 2015, we had heard all there was to hear about Kim Davis. After all, the new Kentucky governor almost immediately signed an executive order, removing the county clerk’s names from all wedding certificates. This was meant to protect their religious freedom, since many of them did not want […]

Kentucky Clerk Continuing Refusal to Issue Marriage Licenses

While the same sex marriage ruling by the Supreme Court was well received by most, there are still people among the crowds who feel it was not the right decision. Many people are against gay marriage, mostly for religious reasons. This has created some issues for a few couples who wanted to get their marriage […]

Sister Wives Compare Gay Marriage to Polygamy

If you are like most people, then you have probably heard about at least one of the many things in the news related to gay marriage since the Supreme Court’s ruling. If you have been living under a rock, gay marriage was made legal in every state in June. There have been a wide range […]

Love Wins On The Hill

Love wins on the hill this week as the U.S. Supreme Court has recently ruled that same-sex couples have the right to marry everywhere in the country. What is not as clear to many of the people that celebrate the result, though, is how the court determined that the right to marry a partner of […]

Religious Freedom Restored to Indiana

Among states considering “religious protection” laws, Indiana stepped up into the line of fire, and drew heavy fire. Utah seems to have worked around many of the challenges faced by Indiana, Arkansas, and others by also passing explicit protection for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals alongside the “religious protection” law that the Church […]