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Family-Style Catering: Is It Right for Your Wedding?

Gone are the days when every wedding featured a sit-down plated multicourse meal. As an engaged couple, you have plenty of food catering options for your big day. Family-style service is a popular alternative to pre-plated service, but is it right for your reception? Learning more about its features, perks, and downsides can help you […]

Creative Ways To Work Your Pet Into Your Wedding

According to recent statistics, more couples are living together before tying the knot. While this might not be surprising to some, it does create some unique situations. For one, these couples are also delaying having children for various reasons. Instead, most will often adopt or purchase a pet. Dogs and cats have long been the […]

Songs LGBTQ+ Couples Are Using in Their Weddings

Shakespeare once wrote that “music is the food of love.” It can be hard to deny this. Throughout history, songs have been written about every aspect of romance. There are tunes geared toward young lovers, passionate affairs, unrequited pining, lost romances, new flames, and pretty much any scenario that can arise between humans falling into […]

Grooms: How To Put Your Best Face Forward

Most men have a basic daily care routine, but deeper understanding of your hair, skin, and beard helps you unlock greater insights and improve your regimen. A few expert tips can help you fine-tune your routine and get you fresh and fabulous for your wedding day. Skin 101: Basic Elements and Care Healthline explains that […]

Simple Wedding Tips for Same-Sex Couples

Even though same-sex marriage has been legal for several years now, many same-sex couples struggle when it comes to tying the knot. Being raised in a culture in which it was not allowed made it so that many members of the LGBTQ community never considered weddings a tangible possibility. If you and your partner have […]

Procrastination and Wedding Planning: Beyond To-Do Lists and Organization

Deadlines and to-do lists are common when you’re planning a wedding, but so are the occasional feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed out. We all face crunch times, along with the temptation to put off essential tasks. While procrastination can become a serious problem for any nearly-wed, you may need more than just useful organization […]

The Right Time for Wedding Speeches

Your wedding is a chance for you and your significant other to gather all of your friends and relatives in one place for a celebration of your relationship. Throughout the course of the night, you will hear all kinds of loving messages and well-wishes from your guests. In fact, most weddings are structured to allow […]

Got a Lopsided Guest Count? Understand Your Options

Weddings have changed a great deal in the last century thanks to shifting societal norms and couples’ desires for meaningful, personalized experiences. Yet some vestiges of older traditions remain. Even modern wedding planning is often based on the assumption that both spouses-to-be have roughly equal representation in their guest list. A lopsided guest count can […]

Save Your Wedding Guests Money With These Great Tips

As an engaged couple, you may already be considering ways that you can budget and cut costs for your upcoming wedding. At the same time, your guests will also incur expenses of their own. You’d love for them to share in your happiness, but you may worry about your celebration taking big bites out of […]

Is Eloping Right for You? A Few Things To Consider

Wedding costs are steadily rising while social values rapidly shift. Marriage equality is part of the total picture, but frugality and the desire to break with tradition also impact today’s trends. Elopement is becoming a more popular option, with modern couples adopting slightly different approaches to the practice. Is elopement right for you and your […]