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Officiating a Wedding in the COVID-19 Age

So, you’ve been asked to officiate your friends’ wedding. Congratulations! It’s both an honor and an enriching experience to help a couple create a meaningful occasion. COVID-19 has certainly complicated things, especially key social events. But with some smart tips and useful precautions, you can help your friends celebrate and stay safe. Your Important First […]

COVID-19 Vaccines and Your 2021 Wedding: What You Should Know

The COVID-19 pandemic caught the world by surprise. But in early 2021, two new vaccines offer real hope for slowing its spread. Some engaged couples are optimistic that they can host the wedding of their dreams. But can these vaccines ensure that in-person gatherings will be safe? Keep reading to learn more about the vaccines […]

Extra Wedding Safety Measures During COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed how weddings are done. Few couples host theirs without masks, hand sanitizer, and physical distancing measures. But what else are couples doing to keep themselves and their loved ones healthy? With safety a high priority, here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan your 2021 nuptials. Wedding Safety […]

Micro Weddings: A Quick Guide to One of 2020’s Biggest Predicted Trends

The Knot’s Lauren Kay predicts that micro weddings will become a major trend in 2020. There are certainly many advantages to hosting a much smaller wedding: fewer details, a smaller budget, and less complicated planning. If you’re limited by time, money, or your ability to face large crowds, a micro wedding may be the perfect […]

Mixing It Up: Mobile Bartending for Your Wedding Reception

If the wedding ceremony is a respectful commemoration of a couple’s commitment, then the reception is the afterparty. Most have all the essential ingredients for a memorable evening: food, music, dancing or games, and of course, alcohol. For the last item on that list, you need both a thoughtfully curated choice of drinks and a […]

Money-Saving Tips for Your Wedding Cake

Worried about the cost of your wedding cake? You’re not alone. According to Wedding Wire, national average wedding cake prices ranges between $300 and $700. With a median total wedding cost of $28,400 among LGBTQ couples, a few hundred dollars may seem like a drop in the bucket. Yet for others trying to fund their […]

Songs LGBTQ+ Couples Are Using in Their Weddings

Shakespeare once wrote that “music is the food of love.” It can be hard to deny this. Throughout history, songs have been written about every aspect of romance. There are tunes geared toward young lovers, passionate affairs, unrequited pining, lost romances, new flames, and pretty much any scenario that can arise between humans falling into […]

Rooftop Romance: Tips for Your Fabulous Wedding

Rooftop weddings gained a great deal of popularity in 2018. Even in 2019, this trend shows no signs of stopping. Maybe you’re in love with a gorgeous view from above or want a non-traditional way to celebrate your nuptials. Either way, you can decide whether a rooftop wedding is for you and plan a successful […]

Reusing Shower Décor for Your Big Day

Sustainability is incredibly important in the modern day and age. By discovering practical solutions to wasteful problems, some amazing things can transpire. This is especially true of your wedding day. Whether you are someone who believes in the power of recycling or not, you stand to save a lot of money by exploring the idea […]

Do You Absolutely Need a Wedding Hashtag?

Technology has found a way to integrate itself into almost every aspect of daily life. Whether you’re trying to cook an unfamiliar recipe or searching for the ideal pair of shoes to match your new outfit, the internet is probably the place you go to find all your answers. It should come as no surprise […]