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Posts tagged ‘atheism’

The War On Christmas

Some celebrants of Christmas recently bemoaned the raising of a Festivus Pole at the Florida State Capitol in response to the large Nativity already on display. A Fox News reporter asked how she is supposed to explain the symbol of secular anti-consumerism to her children while she drives them around looking at Christmas decorations. What […]

Is Atheism a Religion?

The Universal Life Church prides itself on allowing people regardless of their faith or background to be ordained, including members of atheism. Because it allows a member of a group that does not believe in God to be ordained, many have wondered whether atheism is a religion of no religion or the “odd one out.” […]

The Emergence of the Atheist

Atheists are people who lack belief in gods. It does not necessarily mean that they are irreligious, as some religions do not adhere to a deity. Nonetheless, most atheists are not religious and many people who are not religious are also atheists. Therefore, it is telling that a recent poll by the Pew Center for […]