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World Religion Day and Your Online Church

With World Religion Day approaching soon, many ministers of the Universal Life Church are giving serious thought to various ways they can use their website to celebrate spirituality with their congregations. If you are like most modern ministers, your website plays a big part in how you interact with the members of your church. In […]

ULC Holidays: Green Hanukkah

Few holidays shine as bright in the December season as the Jewish festival of lights, Hanukah. But through the celebration and tradition lies a new set of interpretations surrounding the story of Hanukah. One is that of environmental awareness and conservation, which those who seek to become a rabbi or to be ordained through ULC, […]

Halloween and the ULC

Any interfaith minister who has chosen to be ordained in the Universal Life Church (ULC) already espouses acceptance of a variety of religious beliefs. In keeping with this message of tolerance, an interfaith minister of the ULC also knows that to be ordained means recognizing that certain holidays may be sources of dispute between religions. […]

Halloween, the ULC, and Zombies

Interfaith ministers ordained through ULC come from many faiths. Though some are more common than others, none are turned away due to unconventional beliefs. Anyone can be ordained as a an interfaith minister through ULC without question regarding your faith. This includes those of the Vodou faith. In Vodou, Bokor are priests who “serve the […]

Halloween, the ULC, and Demons

As Halloween approaches we all begin to think of the demons, ghosts, and other evil things. We also begin to fill our evenings with the 31 nights of horror movies tradition that we have all adopted. For interfaith ministers ordained in the Universal Life Church, we can take this time of year to learn about […]

Sunday School in Your Online Church

The rapid growth of internet activity socially and economically during the past decade has spread into the realm of religion. Several ministers around the world are spreading their religious messages through online church services. Passionate individuals can now be ordained through the Universal Life Church, which is dedicated to sharing an interfaith message, replacing years […]

Is Atheism a Religion?

The Universal Life Church prides itself on allowing people regardless of their faith or background to be ordained, including members of atheism. Because it allows a member of a group that does not believe in God to be ordained, many have wondered whether atheism is a religion of no religion or the “odd one out.” […]

Wedding Officiant for Mass Ceremonies Dies at 92

The secretive and mysterious Sun Myung Moon met his end on September 3, 2012, dying in a Seoul, South Korean hospital at the age of 92. For 40 years and more, he beguiled the Western world as a wedding officiant at mass marriage ceremonies, secret trips to North Korea to establish a sunshine policy with […]

How Your Online Church Can Help In Elections

While high voter turnout in our elections does not itself solve our problems, it is a mark of a functioning democracy. It is the civic duty of every individual who is at least eighteen years of age is to cast his vote for political leaders and weigh in on important issues, and as a leader […]

The Online Church or The Multisite Church

According to the Leadership Network, the United States is now home to over 5,000 different multisite churches. A multisite church is a church that has several campuses that all fall under the control of one “mother church.” The mother church exerts a controlling influence on the campuses, ensuring that the minister and pastors adhere to […]