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Halloween, the ULC, and Monsters

Darker beings and monsters of all colors and sizes can be found all across the texts of the Earth’s major religions. For those who wish to become a pastor for the ULC, studying the inner workings of the world’s most prevalent religions can seem to be a fruitless task. However, some of the monsters of […]

Answering God’s Call To Become a Pastor

During my years as a pastor, I have had the pleasure of counseling many an individual who have wanted to become a pastor. Some of these young men and women are certain ministry is their calling; they want to jump straight in and become a pastor. Others are still mulling it over ask me why […]

Become a Pastor or Other Religious Leader

Are you inspired to help create a spiritual community but unsure how to start? Do you have a vision for building your own church? Is there a still, small voice insisting that you’re called to serve as a pastor? If you want to heed that voice, but don’t know how to become a pastor, read […]