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Posts tagged ‘coming out’

Being Honest With Who You Are

Same-sex relationships can prove a bit complicated at times. While all romantic connections have their own fair share of difficulties, gay and lesbian couples may find themselves dealing with a handful of unique troubles. One major issue LGBT relationships face is when one person is still in the closet. There may not be a “right” […]

Coaching Life Transitions in Coming Out and Eating Well

A life coach in New York City brings his personal experiences with coming out to helping his clients understand life changes and putting themselves in harmony with their beliefs. A gay man who has overcome an eating disorder observes that gay men deal with anorexia and bulimia at higher rates than men in general, and […]

Coming Out Isn’t the End of the World

Two different stories each reflect the deep courage that comes with being true to one’s own identity, regardless of social pressures to blend in and not alienate potential friends and allies by coming out. From a college swimmer who came out to his team to a country singer in Nashville who defended attacks from a […]