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Posts tagged ‘discrimination’

LGBTQ People and Eating Disorders: How To Support a Recovering Partner

Whether in marriage or a long-term committed relationship, partners can provide valuable support to each other. While such ongoing support is vital to one’s everyday well-being, it’s especially critical when one is dealing with a crisis. With eating disorders, that essential support aids with treatment and the recovery process. Armed with information, you can help […]

Beyond Same-Sex Marriage: Race and LGBTQ Civil Rights Issues

The last decade has seen several victories for LGBTQ civil rights. The Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision undoubtedly made headlines in 2015. Other milestones include local nondiscrimination ordinances, broader insurance protections, and greater media visibility. Yet as more conservative LGBTQ individuals speak up, their political ideologies raise serious questions about inclusion, diversity, racism, and […]

Love One Another: How To Find LGBTQ-Affirming Faith Communities

Hillsong is well-known as a popular and charismatic Christian megachurch. Founded in Australia in 1983, Hillsong has attracted celebrities such as musician Justin Bieber and actor Chris Pratt. Yet it’s not without its controversy and disturbing details. A January 2019 Queerty article delved into the organization’s past, revealing its history of homophobia. This seems at […]

Ending Workplace Discrimination

Recently, there has been quite a stir in the United States in relation to LGBT rights. While many positive changes took place under the guidance of the previous administration, the current team in charge has left almost everyone worried. Many members of the LGBT community have expressed concerns over whether they will be losing rights […]