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Songs LGBTQ+ Couples Are Using in Their Weddings

Shakespeare once wrote that “music is the food of love.” It can be hard to deny this. Throughout history, songs have been written about every aspect of romance. There are tunes geared toward young lovers, passionate affairs, unrequited pining, lost romances, new flames, and pretty much any scenario that can arise between humans falling into […]

Save Some Money With These Wedding Budget Tips

Planning for your wedding can easily become a very expensive process. While you might not be trying to put together an event to rival European royalty, you still need to make sure you cover expenses like food, alcohol, photography, and other essentials. Though your plans can easily become a bit pricier than you intended, there […]

Up the Cool Factor With Fun Wedding Entertainment

Browse wedding websites, and you’ll find all kinds of advice on how to select and book a DJ. That’s no surprise, considering that DJs have been a primary entertainment choice at weddings over the last few decades. As trends and preferences change, couples seek cool alternatives for elements that were once thought to be essential […]