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Playing the Numbers Game: Wedding Costs and Your Guest Count

While The Knot’s 2017 LBGTQ Weddings study reveals that queer and transgender couples tend to spend less than their straight cisgender counterparts, their average nuptials still price out between $17,000 and $18,000. Keeping expenses manageable is a primary goal, no matter how grand of a celebration you’re planning. A look at factors influencing wedding expense […]

Adjusting to a Blended Family

Getting married is an exciting and wonderful time. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come without having to make some adjustments. This is especially true if it isn’t your first marriage. Perhaps you have children from a previous relationship. You and your partner are probably more than ready to start your new life together, but […]

Signs You Are Ready to Start a Family

Just one year after the same-sex marriage ruling, the Supreme Court has ruled that gay couples have the right to adopt in all 50 states. This is great news for couples who wanted so badly to have children but were limited by their state laws. Of course, there are other ways to start a family […]