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Posts tagged ‘Homophobia’

Beyond Same-Sex Marriage: Race and LGBTQ Civil Rights Issues

The last decade has seen several victories for LGBTQ civil rights. The Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision undoubtedly made headlines in 2015. Other milestones include local nondiscrimination ordinances, broader insurance protections, and greater media visibility. Yet as more conservative LGBTQ individuals speak up, their political ideologies raise serious questions about inclusion, diversity, racism, and […]

“Little People, Big World” Star Makes Remarks Against Same-Sex Marriage

“Little People, Big World” is a reality television show on TLC that documents the lives of a family living with dwarfism. Both parents, Matt and Amy Roloff, both stand at just four feet tall, and one of their four children, Zach, also has the condition. The show focuses on their day-to-day life, showing the struggles […]

Homophobia Leads to Brutal Murder of Swedish Man

Homophobia leads to brutal murder of Swedish man after offering to help two teenagers in need. The man came across the two teens, aged 16 and 19, in the park and found out they were basically living on the streets. During this time, he was wearing a wig and dressed as a woman, according to […]