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Wired or Not? Electronics and Social Media on Your Honeymoon

Just as you need a well-organized approach to planning your wedding, the same is true for your honeymoon. You can work with a travel agent or on your own, meticulously crafting an itinerary the two of you will love. Meanwhile, you may not think about how electronic devices and social media use could impact your […]

2019’s Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

As you plan your upcoming wedding, you most likely are not thinking about romance. Sure, the general idea of marriage begins with feelings of love and excitement. But preparations for tying the knot may turn into a more practical, utilitarian experience. You need to organize guest lists, find vendors, and figure out what tunes will […]

Avoid Identity Theft During Your Honeymoon Travels

Your honeymoon should be an incredible experience. After all, you and your partner will share new journeys, discoveries, and adventures. Yet during your travels, there’s always the looming risk of identity theft. According to a June 2017 CNBC article, 33 percent of Americans victimized by identity fraud were targeted while on vacation. Fortunately, some wise […]

All-Inclusive Honeymoon Packages: Worth It?

Getting married can cost a small fortune. No matter how big or small your event might be, a wedding can easily take a toll on your bank account. With so many different services to pay for, you and your partner might not even have time to think about your honeymoon. Though it might be a […]

Things to Do on Your Honeymoon

Part of getting married is getting to go on the highly anticipated honeymoon. Whether you are doing something small or going all out on an international vacation, you are bound to make many memories you will likely never forget. For same-sex couples, the honeymoon may be even more special. After all, not many people have […]