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Posts tagged ‘LGBTQ’

Beyond Trends: LGBTQ Weddings in 2018

Wedding etiquette guidelines and customs were initially created with heterosexual couples in mind. While it logically follows that same-sex couples abandon some of these practices, the internet is still awash in articles about same-sex wedding “trends.” Despite the headlines, it’s important to understand that LGBTQ couples often create their nuptial celebrations with some traditional elements […]

LGBTQ Indians: Marriage Equality, Civil Rights, and New Complexities

India’s Supreme Court took a major leap forward for the nation on September 6, striking down a 167-year-old law that banned same-sex love. After this key victory, activists turn their sights toward other civil rights causes. Alongside key issues like improved access to health care and ending violence against their communities, the right to marry […]

Some Churches Open Up to Gay Members

Thousands of parishioners at City Church in San Francisco can now open their hearts to their lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community members with full fellowship in the evangelical church. While it has always been open to the LGBTQ community, the church’s official policy in the past required celibacy of gay members to […]