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Posts tagged ‘marriage equality’

The Marriage Equality Battle Continues

A significant victory for marriage equality in the United States was achieved in 2015 with the landmark Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision. Nevertheless, the struggle continues around the world for same-sex couples to win and retain this right. Recent gains in countries such as Mexico are still challenged by their adversaries, while marriage reform […]

Change Against All Hope

A lawyer whose firm has filed a friend of the court brief in the U.S. Supreme Court in favor of ending marriage discrimination notes that marriage equality is not a threat to any religious liberties. The courts are addressing civil marriage for same-sex couples, and it will have no impact on how religions prepare sermons, […]

Alabama State Senate Holding Marriage Equality Hostage

A religious and LGBT support group gathers in Harlem to discuss the struggles and joys of being gay and faithful. Leading an open public forum titled “Ain’t no Hurt Like a Gospel Hurt,” the group hosts discussion leading toward healing and understanding. While many in the LGBT community have felt shunned and hurt by guilt […]

LGBT Rights in the Military

As the Supreme Court prepares to consider whether states must license and recognize same-sex marriage, the U.S. military takes substantial steps in changing LGBT rights in the military. Due partly to prior Supreme Court decisions, including the Windsor case that struck down parts of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) in 2011, as well as the […]

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

Lately, conservative bakers have been in the news for their objections to constructing wedding cakes for same-sex couples. Melissa Klein was the darling of the Values Voter Summit as she sobbed onstage about being “forced” to close her bakery, Sweet Cakes By Melissa, after incurring a lawsuit for refusal of service to a lesbian couple. […]

Religion and Morality

A recent study in Science reveals some potentially surprising findings about our understanding of morality. As it turns out, individuals who identify themselves as religious are no more “moral” in their day-to-day behavior than individuals who don’t identify as being religious. The study, conducted with over 1,200 people, required participants to receive five random texts […]

The Myth of Traditional Marriage

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to question long-accepted myths about the sanctity of marriage. If you are preparing to get ordained, you may be pondering the moral and philosophical nuances of traditional marriage. The deeper you look, the more you may find that your ideas about marriage, and what you take for granted […]

Coming Out: the Church and LGBT Issues

Research from Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) suggests that many churchgoers are in the closet regarding their support for marriage equality. Being a supporter of this and the LGBT community in general might not seem like a very big deal to some, but to others it can mean the difference between being an outcast and […]

Marriage Equality and Religious Freedom

While it undoubtedly came as a surprise to many, on April 28, the United Church of Christ filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging the legality of Amendment One, a North Carolina law banning same-sex marriage. The law also provides criminal penalties for ministers who “officiate” a wedding in the absence of a state-issued marriage […]

ULC Wedding Officiants Free to Decide

In keeping with its mission of freedom of religion, the Universal Life Church is informing its approximate 22 million ordained ministers and, hence, wedding officiants that they are authorized to either perform or abstain from performing a same-sax marriage in the coming months. Gay rights advocates are celebrating the ratification of legislation by the voting […]