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Personalizing an LGBT Wedding

Getting engaged can be an exciting time in your life. While you may feel the thrill right away, you probably also have a few concerns about planning your wedding. For same-sex couples, there can be a lot of confusion surrounding the process. LGBT couples were only given the right to wed in recent years, meaning […]

Worried About Your Wedding Floral Budget? Check Out These Alternatives

Let’s face it: Wedding flowers can be expensive. According to Brides writers Heather Lee and Elizabeth Mitchell, flowers and floral arrangements make up around 10% of the typical wedding budget. Most couples shell out between $700 and $2,500 for their arrangements, but it’s not uncommon to spend as much as $11,000. Maybe you’re working with […]

Mixing It Up: Mobile Bartending for Your Wedding Reception

If the wedding ceremony is a respectful commemoration of a couple’s commitment, then the reception is the afterparty. Most have all the essential ingredients for a memorable evening: food, music, dancing or games, and of course, alcohol. For the last item on that list, you need both a thoughtfully curated choice of drinks and a […]

Fun Twists To Consider for Your Big Day

Throwing a wedding can be a lot of work. What’s important to remember is that at the end of it all, you and your partner will be celebrating your union. This means you want to make sure the event is a reflection of you both. If a traditional wedding seems too stuffy for your tastes, […]

Money-Saving Tips for Your Wedding Cake

Worried about the cost of your wedding cake? You’re not alone. According to Wedding Wire, national average wedding cake prices ranges between $300 and $700. With a median total wedding cost of $28,400 among LGBTQ couples, a few hundred dollars may seem like a drop in the bucket. Yet for others trying to fund their […]

Demystifying the Approved Vendor List

While you’re shopping for venues, it’s not uncommon to encounter those with approved or preferred vendor lists. Like many couples, you may be concerned about having the flexibility and freedom to choose the professionals you work with. Understanding the purpose of these lists and making sense of venue guidelines can help drive your decision-making process. […]

Procrastination and Wedding Planning: Beyond To-Do Lists and Organization

Deadlines and to-do lists are common when you’re planning a wedding, but so are the occasional feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed out. We all face crunch times, along with the temptation to put off essential tasks. While procrastination can become a serious problem for any nearly-wed, you may need more than just useful organization […]

Rooftop Romance: Tips for Your Fabulous Wedding

Rooftop weddings gained a great deal of popularity in 2018. Even in 2019, this trend shows no signs of stopping. Maybe you’re in love with a gorgeous view from above or want a non-traditional way to celebrate your nuptials. Either way, you can decide whether a rooftop wedding is for you and plan a successful […]

Dealing With Common Wedding Party Questions and Concerns

Your wedding party is comprised of some of your closest, most trusted friends and family members. The people who stand with you on your big day are usually the people you have grown alongside and have helped shape you into the person you are today. Unfortunately, these people might also drive you insane and bring […]

Keeping Control of Your Wedding: A Guide

While planning for your upcoming wedding, you’ve probably heard a nightmare story or two about the experiences friends and family members had during their own events. One common theme likely to keep coming up is the topic of people who get way too involved in the process. Whether this person is a relative, close friend, […]