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Keeping Control of Your Wedding: A Guide

While planning for your upcoming wedding, you’ve probably heard a nightmare story or two about the experiences friends and family members had during their own events. One common theme likely to keep coming up is the topic of people who get way too involved in the process. Whether this person is a relative, close friend, […]

Making Magic: Crafting Your First Dance Moment

A married couple’s first dance is seen as a pivotal moment in any wedding celebration. Couples try their best to make it memorable with the right song and dance moves for their grand entrance. When your goal is to make it truly special, you’ll benefit from some sage wisdom and innovative approaches. Choosing Your Song […]

Save Some Money With These Wedding Budget Tips

Planning for your wedding can easily become a very expensive process. While you might not be trying to put together an event to rival European royalty, you still need to make sure you cover expenses like food, alcohol, photography, and other essentials. Though your plans can easily become a bit pricier than you intended, there […]

How To Survive a Large Guest List

There’s a lot to be said for having a big family. When you have a lot of close relatives, it means there are countless people looking after you and helping you grow. Of course, larger families can also bring about a slew of issues. Hosting big events like weddings, for example, means you always need […]