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Posts tagged ‘same-sex wedding’

Essential Advice for Your Wedding Invitations

Choosing your invitations is one major task to tackle when planning your wedding. You probably have a lot of questions concerning wording, formatting and styles. Meanwhile, you may be trying to figure out whether to order them from a professional printer, go with a DIY approach or forgo paper altogether and choose digital versions. The […]

Same-Sex Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

There are plenty of problems that can come up when you and your partner are planning for your future. While you may have had some wonderful years together up until this point, the time after an engagement is announced can be fraught with peril. It may be a tumultuous time, but there are plenty of […]

Celebrity Gay Couples

Homosexuality used to be a taboo subject. Some saw it as a mental disease, and sometimes people were kicked out of their families once they finally got the courage to come out to them. Things have changed quite a bit for homosexual couples over the last few decades. Same-sex marriage was legalized last year, making […]

Same-Sex Wedding Planning Tips

Getting married to the love of your life is likely one of the best things you will ever do. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you want everything to go perfectly. When it comes to same-sex weddings, there are some things that are the same as traditional weddings, but there are also some differences. This […]

Differences in Same-Sex Wedding Etiquette

If you’ve never been to a same-sex wedding before, you may not know what to expect. It can be a bit different from a straight wedding. There are many similarities between a same-sex wedding and a heterosexual wedding, but as you might have expected, there are some differences. While most of these variances are not […]

Whom to Invite to Your Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony

Now that the Supreme Court has deemed same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states, all same-sex couples who live in the United States can get married without worrying about their state not recognizing the marriage. Naturally, many same-sex couples are celebrating by getting saying “I Do.” When the time has come to tie the knot, […]

Married on TV

Modern Family’s Mitch and Cam Tie The Knot In one of the most politically relevant finales in history, Modern Family’s Mitch and Cam finally got married. Rounding out the show’s sixth successful season on television, this has been a much-anticipated episode to solidify the couple’s long-standing relationship in front of their family and friends. While […]

Utah Changes View on Gay Marriage

Same Sex Weddings in Utah a Sign of Changes to Come While the state of Utah is most well known for the Mormon religion and conservative politics, a different outlook on same sex marriages is beginning to take place. As Utah changes view on gay marriage, same sex couples like Derek Kitchen and Moudie Sbieity […]