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A Quick Guide to Wedding Band Shopping

Wedding planning involves a collection of both large and small details. Yet long after the cake has been eaten and the band has gone home, the two of you will have lasting testaments to your commitment: your wedding rings. How do you find the perfect ones that both you and your budget will adore? A […]

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

Lately, conservative bakers have been in the news for their objections to constructing wedding cakes for same-sex couples. Melissa Klein was the darling of the Values Voter Summit as she sobbed onstage about being “forced” to close her bakery, Sweet Cakes By Melissa, after incurring a lawsuit for refusal of service to a lesbian couple. […]

How to Marry Someone

Officiating at a wedding ceremony is a high honor that will require some preparation to ensure everything is conducted in a legal and memorable manner. Today, many couples are choosing to personalize their wedding by having a close friend or family member serve as the ordained minister for their ceremony. While it is easy to […]

Falling Like Dominoes

If you would like to get ordained in order to perform a wedding ceremony, you may be wondering what the official Universal Life Church (ULC) position is concerning same-sex marriage. Although it is important to point out that no minister in the ULC is forced to participate in a wedding ceremony or perform a wedding […]

RuPaul Performs Drag Weddings

A groom should walk a mile in his fiance’s shoes to better understand his bride to be. This week on the hit television show RuPaul’s Drag Race, some couples took that advice literally as grooms slipped in to some high heels and got all dolled up in drag for the big day. Universal Life Church […]

Wedding Ceremony of a Different Faith

The Universal Life Church is excellent for those whose conscience or religious sensibilities encourage them to embrace something that is “greater than themselves”. If you have chosen to become ordained, one of the most fascinating experiences that you might choose to undertake as a minister is the chance to perform a wedding. An interesting consequence […]

Hindu Wedding Ceremony

A traditional Hindu wedding ceremony is a time of great celebration that is abound with traditions that can still be enjoyed in a modern American community. Here are some of the most common traditions. Main Rituals- There are many rituals that can be included when it is time to perform a wedding. Some of the […]

Perform a Wedding in Your Online Church

Your wedding is an event you hope the entire family and all of your friends can attend. However, sometimes, circumstances prevent this large celebration from taking place. Instead of having individuals feel pinned down with regret over missing your wedding ceremony, consider performing a ceremony in your online church. So many situations exist where this […]

Story of St. Nicholas for the ULC

As homes and storefronts hang their holiday decor, the jolly, rotund figure of Santa Claus features prominently. Santa Claus symbolizes universal values of cheer, kindness, and generosity. The more modernized and secular Santa Claus developed from the historical St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas also appears at Christmastime, often imagined with traditional style carvings of a gaunt […]

A Fairytail Wedding Ceremony

For wedding officiants, fall is often a less busy time of year. However, for those ordained in the Universal Life Church, autumn may be the perfect time to perform a wedding. As the heat of summer gives way to cooler autumn breezes, thoughts of bountiful harvests and holiday haunting fill the air. As leaves change […]