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Family-Style Catering: Is It Right for Your Wedding?

Gone are the days when every wedding featured a sit-down plated multicourse meal. As an engaged couple, you have plenty of food catering options for your big day. Family-style service is a popular alternative to pre-plated service, but is it right for your reception? Learning more about its features, perks, and downsides can help you […]

The Right Time for Wedding Speeches

Your wedding is a chance for you and your significant other to gather all of your friends and relatives in one place for a celebration of your relationship. Throughout the course of the night, you will hear all kinds of loving messages and well-wishes from your guests. In fact, most weddings are structured to allow […]

Up the Cool Factor With Fun Wedding Entertainment

Browse wedding websites, and you’ll find all kinds of advice on how to select and book a DJ. That’s no surprise, considering that DJs have been a primary entertainment choice at weddings over the last few decades. As trends and preferences change, couples seek cool alternatives for elements that were once thought to be essential […]

Considering a Wedding Day Signature Cocktail? Read This First

Alcohol has always been a staple at wedding receptions, but signature cocktails are now more popular than ever before. Couples from nearly all walks of life are indulging in the trend, pondering a wide range of possibilities to pick their perfect drinks. Whether you’re devoted to doing the same or you’re intrigued but unsure if […]

Food, Hospitality, and Your Wedding: Dealing With Allergies and Restrictions

Your wedding isn’t just an opportunity to express your shared love and commitment. It’s also an occasion in which you’ll ask your family, friends, and other significant people in your social circle to celebrate that love and happiness with you. As their hosts, you take on several key responsibilities to ensure your guests’ enjoyment and […]